Remove Rogueware or Malicious codes using Rougekiller C++ application

Do you think your system behaving strangely; like automatic pop ups at some interval of time with a message… your system is infected or viruses found etc.. or something like about an anti-virus which you need to download and then it ask for money to pay.  These message are just a type of malicious codes installed to your system and very often considered as Rogueware.

These malicious codes most of the time installs from an infected sites containing the code and are very hard to remove using most of the usual antivirus programs… but to remove them you need some specialist Rogueware cleaner and one such program is RogueKiller that can easily remove the Rogueware from your system. You can download this application from the link given here.  After download, just run  the application and it will give you the window as shown below.

Even; though the interface shown is not very attractive; but don’t go on it; this program has written in C++ and is capable of detecting and removing Rogueware from the system or Windows Registry. As from the window shown above you can choose your option like if you press 1 it will start scanning your system and if there is one it will ask for an action…




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