Send an Email to Shutdown your PC from any computer connected to internet

This is a very common situation that while we are doing any job on our PC and suddenly we remember something and have to leave for a while. But sometime what happen it took too much time we have with no option left in any way to shutdown the PC which we had left running…. but as we are far from our PC or though we can ask someone to do the task which is at home or work area is also not a very safe solution… so now hat to do?

Even though if you are not near your pc you can still make it shut down from any remote computer.. connected to the Internet.. by only sending an email to your outlook account.

Yes for this trick to work you must have to setup the desktop email client Outlook Express with your current Email account whether it is Gmail or Yahoo ( To find how to configure this just read the previous posts; integration or Yahoo or Gmail account into Outlook Express)

So now I assume you have Outlook Express integrated Email Account now follow the steps below to learn how you can remotely shutdown the running pc by just sending an email:

1. So at first you need to create a .bat file via notepad; to do so open notepad and copy and paste the below content

C:\windows\system32\shutdown -s -f -t 00

save this file as shutdown.bat anywhere easily accessible on your pc (don’t forget to set the save as type option to all files unles it will save as a .txt extension).

2.  Now as you have created a shutdown.bat file and your outlook account is already settled up now this time to create a rule in Outlook Express so open it and click on tools> Rules and Alerts> New Rule. This will open a new window shown below:

Check Mark the Option “With the specific words in the subject” now click on the Specific words (highlighted one) and choose what the subject would be here what i have used¬† “I am away – Shutdown”.

3. Now as you set the words scroll further and find an option with Start an application check over it, and then click over the application word to choose over the file you have created earlier “shutdown.bat”.

That’s it you have set down all the option and settings needed just click out the finish and then apply.

That’s it now whenever you send a mail with the subject “I am away – Shutdown” it will begin the shutdown timer…

But in this trick the only thing which you should consider how often Outlook Express should look for messages, you can always set to your choice from Tools>Options>General tab: Time to look after messages.

Now let me know… how it be turning off a Pc by just sending a message from Mobile… I will very soon publish an article about it… so keep visiting or…. why not just subscribe to get daily tips and tricks.


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