Send/Share links of large files from your local disk to your friends…. no upload required

If you have to very often send or share files with friends or for business purpose; then; you know; how difficult is sending large volume files via mail or services like yousendit. The online file sharing websites like Dropbox or Windows Live Skydrive have limitation or one has to have a paid subscription.

But recently I came across an application with which help we can share links of any file up to any extent from our local computer… means we not need to upload those files via email or any file sharing sites. But only have to kept on our system as long as we want to that file to be shared or being downloaded. This have been made possible using Opera Unite; which creates a peer to peer connection with the buddies we have sent links and our computer.

But the only limitation you have is; it can only work with opera browser… you can download this browser from the link below…

Download Opera Browser

So I assume you have downloaded the Opera browser now install it double clicking on Opera_1152_int_Setup file you have just downloaded. If you need installation instructions watch the video below…

So you have finished the first part now the second one the add on for Opera Unite file sharing… you can download the Opera Unite File Sharing from the link given below.

Download Opera Unite File Sharing

Now open Opera browser and drag Opera unite you have just downloaded to opened Opera Window …

This will start the registration process as shown in the below picture…

Once the registration completed then you only need to do is just click on Opera Unite button in the bottom left corner of the Opera browser. Now log in and then click File Sharing option to get started. Select the folder to share, privacy options and a password to keep the files private.

Now for the every file you want to share; then only provide password of those protected the files, to your friend. But make sure you keep the system running for the connection to establish and facilitate the download at his end.

Isn’t now sharing such large files which you can’t upload or attached into an email is so easy….. could it be more simpler, isn’t it?


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