Speed Up Internet Browsing on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Even though both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome claims to be the fastest Internet browsers and are among the popular browsers. But even being so or claiming to be… do you know there are some certain ways which can make your Internet browsing even faster. Just like… how about automatic copying whenever you select a text… and or paste the same text with the middle mouse button click.

Yes! the same and many more feature can be added to any of your favorite browser using the add-on called FastestFox (for Firefox) or FastestChrome (for Chrome). Using this add-on you can add lot many features to your browser like save time by speeding up the repetitive tasks, get faster, parallelized downloads, see definitions, auto-load the next page, improve searching, and more.

There are many features you can add from which we have listed a few below:

Enhance Awesomebar: This enhances the features related to the address bar like enabling search functionality right from the Firefox address bar.

Show context menu additions: Adds new options to the right click context menu.

Enable Endless Page: loads the second page automatically at the end of the first page.

Auto copy selected: Copies the text automatically on selection

Paste on middle mouse click: Pastes the copied content on middle click of mouse.

Paste on right mouse click: Pastes on right click of mouse.

qLauncher: Search any website from here.

Popup Bubble: Pops a bubble with more information whenever you select a text.

The add-on will add lot may features that will surely enhance your working experience and also improve your productivity. Do try the add-on for both on Firefox and Chrome.

Download FastestFox for Firefox

Download FastestChrome for Chrome

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