Steps to Enable settings to let you know for new Gmail or Chat Messages

More than half of the World using Google’s Gmail service for their personal or official needs. But do you know what the best part of Google is; they always keep experimenting with current services and offers . Recently they had launched HTML5 desktop notifications which means whenever there is a new email message or Chat Message received you will get a pop up windows right over your desktop. To enable this feature you have to slightly modify settings from your Gmail Account.

Use the link in the top right corner of Gmail >>> “Desktop Notifications”. You can customize your settings depending on whether you just want to get notified only about chat messages, or if you use Priority Inbox and only want to get notifications for important messages etc.

But there is some limitation as this feature is currently available only to Google Chrome users; may be in the recent future it will be enabled for all other browsers. Once enabled you will get the notifications as shown below.

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