Steps to hide or disable, Facebook Sidebar News Ticker in Mozilla Firefox…

If you have a Facebook account from a long past; then you may have already noticed several enhancement to this Social Networking site. Though; the changes are not over yet; as few days back I have found (may be some of you also have noticed) a slight new modification at the sidebar area…. Sidebar news Ticker which seems to constantly have the real time latest updates from friends in our network.

Though this feature has the mix reaction from users all over. Some says its good, while others hate. So if you also belongs to second group and wants to disable that then here is the simple addon that will solve your problem… (But make sure that You are using Mozilla Firefox)

So now I assume that you are using the Mozilla firefox to access Facebook…. below are the steps….

1. Download and Install Greasemonkey script on your browser. You can download this script from the link here.

2. Now go through the link given and install this addon to turn off this side ticker bar from your facebook profile.

This will disable disable, Facebook Sidebar News Ticker in Mozilla Firefox…

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