Terminate Unnecessary Memory Consuming System Processes in a single click

Have you ever noticed while working on the PC that the longer you work the slower the system seems to be. This is all because of the so many process running in the background which consumes a lot of memory. Though some of them may be really required by the windows process but still there are many not needed any more. The performance of the PC become worst when we need to play any game requiring high memory usage.

Though the issue can be easily fixed by restarting the system so that the extra memory which remains in use even after closing a program; can be easily recovered…. but in case if this doesnot solve the problem then here is a very tine but an effective application called Jetboost… which can easily terminate any process running in the background; that so in the single click.

You can download the JetBoost from the link here and install it to your pc… after installation run it; you will see as in the above image ; a complete list of background processes in several categories.  So to get memory releases checkout the process you want to close and Start to boost.

JetBoost is compatible with all versions of Windows, both 32 and 64 bit and is free to use.


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