Tip to Convert Torrent Download links into Direct download link for faster download

Torrent links these have gone immensely popular for download any stuffs like Movies, Games or large softwares, because of its ability to pause or resume an ongoing download process… though this a good cause over the direct download but also at the same time downloads from the torrents files seems to be much slower than the direct links.

So if you always prefer direct downloads over the torrents links then here is good reason you can joy. Do you know that you can also convert torrent download links into direct download links… Yes! this is possible through the service called BITLET which will help you in creating the direct download links for your torrent files. How this service works is, it downloads the file to their servers and provides users with the direct http download links.

To use this service you not to have any special skill, as this is very simple you only need to provide the torrent file. You can do this in any way, whether it is online or saved on your local pc. When you click the Download Torrent button, it will open a download window that will display the information about the download status. You just need to enter the download location for the download and relax to see the download completing after that.

So if you have a lot of torrent download files which you are planning to download then you should try this service.

Click here to visit BitLet site

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