Tip to hide the arrow curser when typing text document – Hide mouse curser

To Windows mouse is an essential part, because of graphical interface of the operating system. We use mouse pointer to navigate through the different items of the PC; and today; it seems no one can imagine a computer without a mouse or may be he may not be able to operate it properly. But there are still some people I have found looking for the ways how to hide the mouse pointer while working with some text document. These are the people who mainly have to work with document which needs a lot of typing and very often the mouse cursor disturbs the flow.

If you are also among such people then the following tip is specially for you. You can hide the mouse cursor at a certain time of interval set by you. To do so you only need to download a simple program called Autohidemousecursor; which is well capable to give you the full boundary of your working desktop without leaving any traces of the mouse cursor.

So for the download go through the last line of this article and after download save it to the folder where you want. You are also even not required to install it as this file is just download and run; thus can be run from any location of your pc. But let you know that the file you download is a zip archive and you need to extract it first before you can run it. Now after the extraction run the file to make configurations with the tool. In the main interface you will be greeted with the slider that you can move to set the time interval after which the cursor will get disappeared automatically. By default the slider is set on 5 sec but you can easily change it.

The application quietly gets minimized in the system tray when not in use. Overall this tool would be of great help especially for those who spend long working hours writing the text documents and get irritated with overlapping of cursor on various characters. You can get the archived file from the link given below.

Download AutoHideMouseCursor

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