How to Remove Copyright Notice logo or Black Border from a Youtube Video

As we all know that Youtube is the biggest source of online video for tutorial, songs or any stuffs. But most of these videos we have over Youtube have a copyright notice running in the bottom or contains up-bottom black border. Now what if you want to remove that extra black border from the top bottom or the running notice in the bottom…. then… though there are many tools able to do video formatting but most of them are very complex and not free to use. But today I came across an application which is free to use and is very simple. This application also contains many filters which you can use to apply special effect to your downloaded video.

So finally here it comes…. Avidemux which is free to use application able to crop any video from any side top right bottom or left. All you have to do is, download and install the tool which is supported on Windows, Linux and Mac.

After the download, install the application which is very to do… double click on the setup file and follow the onscreen instructions…

Next is run the program; load the files using the Open menu, and from the left tab change the codec from the video section… it will make your video editable…. Now click on the filter button to get through the crop menu as shown below:

After you have installed the files, load the video file using the Open menu. Go to Video tab, load the codec so that your file becomes readable like MPEG-4 XVID. Click on the Filters button after that as this is where you will find the Crop button available.

Now you can provide the pixels in the top, bottom, left and right fields to have the video cropped. This won’t be difficult as you would be able to see the preview of the crop being done right below so that you can make proper adjustments. Click OK to save the changes.

After your video has been cropped, you can save the final image by selecting the save as option and selecting the proper output format.

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