Transfer browsed history and saved bookmarks to another browser

Having multiple browsers on a PC is very common but managing data like browsed history, Cookies and favorites websites links is very difficult. Though there are ways almost in every browser available that we can save all these items mentioned earlier and later can be imported if required but the question is now what to do if we want to shift with the current browser in use? Say what to do if anyone want to its default browser like Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox. Can he also export and import all the favorites links or history states to Mozilla Firefox.

Yes ofcourse with Historian which is an absolutely free software can do it. This free program can process the data from almost all major browsers i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome etc.

So the next time when you have to format your pc or shifting from one browser to another then need not to worry about all about browser history or the bookmark try Historian instead…

Download Historian only 657 KB so don’t worry for a huge download.

Help file also included in download

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