Transform collection of PDF file into text version with a single command

So you have a huge collection of pdf files among them a lot contains visual images along with the text. But the question is; Is there any way which can extract only the text from those collection laving the images from PDF file. Though this can be done manually one by one opening each and every file but this is a tiring and time consuming process. So if this is the case with you also then the further reading will sure help you.

This is a small application called Ease PDF to Text Extractor which does an automation process with the files in the list without needing your much attention.

The tool is absolutely free to use use,only required three steps to complete i.e. selecting files, then the output folder and final one is convert. Isn’t this so simple to use. So from now on I can assume that you will not have any problem with your pdf file collection if you want the text to be extracted into text file for distributing or mailing purpose.

Wish to download follow the link here

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