What is coral player? Why it ask to download it to play movies downloaded from Internet?

Have you ever encountered to a situation when a movie you have just downloaded from Internet; asks you to download a specific player called Coral Player? Recently; this is very common on many torrent sites as almost 70% of movies downloaded just give this message as

Can not be played back in this movie player It only works in Coral player. Fell free to download from blah blah

Now have you ever considered this very simple question… Is the file format .avi can be so application savvy that can be only played back in a specific player… no it shouldn’t be as so…. so what is this coral player?

Though I don’t know whether any such player exists or not; it looks more like a spam site when I visited to their site… it first asks to pay $.95 for a three day trial… surprising… pay for try out and after the three day trial it will charge $19.95 every month just to play only media files… and the player itself also not very eye catching as in the demo shown. Apparently our ordinary player can play the part that says we need CoralPlayer to play the video. What this means is that the makers of CoralPlayer have invented a market for their software. A small portion of the file will play with any player. The rest of the file is presumably in a proprietary format which they created for the sole purpose of distributing videos which you then have to pay them monthly to view. Complete scam, total waste of money. However you can also it like that the actual scam is movie itself showing you to go to such site.

So be aware friends any player that requires you to buy is a fake or making money off you so they get richer or were they can infect your player.

Now the question arises what this movie is showing the actual size of  700 mbs or more and taken almost 6 to 7 hours to download… now can you tell me ‘Is it so difficult to create a movie which would last last in only one minute… I don;t tink so… this is what the movie file you have just downloaded.’

So there would be only suggestion that before you go for a download from a torrent site first of all check for the comments; there may be something you should know and make a habit of your own to comment on such spam torrent links; which might help others from wasting their time.

Though; the best think would be go for a download from the trusted network like Demonoid… who are very strict about such spams and continuously check for the torrent files.

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