Windows 8 Ribbon Style Header Bar Windows Explorer for windows XP Vista or seven

Though the Windows 8 interface is still under process of building but still they are some leaks comes in between here and there and one such leak I came across Ribbon Style Interface in Windows Explorer.

Though many of us are already familiar what this Ribbon style header is… aren’t you?

Have you used the latest release of Microsoft office and noticed the straight ribbon band in place of menu bar… this is what now in plans for Windows Explorer.

But even if the latest OS is under building operation you can test out the user interface as well as the how does it look using an alternative recently released as “STDU Explorer“.

Install Windows 8 styled Windows Explorer Alternative with ribbon header band with ‘Stdu explorer’..

Stdu Explorer is a free Windows Explorer alternative which comes with Ribbon UI. Not only this explore files but has the native support of  many image files ‘psd, bmp, png, gif, pcx, jpeg, wmf formats’ and several e-books formates ‘DjVu, PDF, FB2, JBIG2, XPS, DCX, WWF, PDB, CBR and CBZ formats’.

Apart from exploring the files Stdu Explore also supports standard operations such as moving, copying, pasting, renamming, deleting, etc.

The main featuers:
* Extended representation of files list with adjustable thumbnails size
* Fast preview any page of multipage documents
* Fast access to a tree of bookmarks in PDF, XPS, FB2 or DjVu files

So, you want to test the Ribbon UI use in Explorer, you should definitely give it a try.

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