Windows 8 Transformation Pack Imagination Reveled for Vista: feel the difference

Few days back Microsoft has officially stated that now it has plans to start working for the successor of Windows 7 but is yet have to reveal the design. But there are already we have some transformation packs available on the internet which according to developers are the futurists look to the windows 7.

Today you will find the download link of one such transformation pack for Vista Windows 8 Professional Edition Transformation Pack which includes a lot of new GUIs for Windows Vista like redesigned taskbar, Explorer, new boot screen and login screen, etc.

The transformation tutorial will enable you to have following things modified:•

  • Windows Theme or Visual Style
  • Login Screen or Welcome Screen
  • Taskbar
  • Taskbar clock, System try icon & Quick Launch
  • Wallpapers
  • About Windows Box
  • System Properties
  • Extra

So I think if you are still using Vista then and want to shift to Windows 7 then should give it a try below is the download link:

More info and the download link

Notice: This is only can be full use on Windows Vista SP1 x86. Please create a Restore point using “System Restore” before applying anything mentioned in this tutorial so that you can restore your system back to a working state if anything goes wrong.


  1. Current news, Windows 8 should be released in 2 years. One of Microsofts subsidiaries leaked the expected release date over the last few days. Lets trust it pursues the Windows 7 development process.I do not need to have another Vista fiasco

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