How to Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notification in Windows XP

Even though; Software companies doing their hard to prevent piracy with insertion of security patches and activation but even being so this is also true that; more than half of home pcs we have around the world are using the pirated software… using the Pirated Windows as well. However; using genuine version have some benefits over the pirated ones but….. still for home users this is like a very expensive package.

So if you also have the Pirated version of Windows to your pc which now very often displays a message saying “This copy of windows is not Genuine”  then in this case here is a one of the best solution which will finally help you “How you can get rid of Windows Genuine Advantage Notification?”

To overcome the issue you need a simple application called Remove WGA (Remove Windows Genuine Advnatage), a utility which rolls back the Windows Update patch causing the issue. You can download Remove WGA from the link here; and then run it.There is nothing on setting part so you not need to configure it in any way but once the issue is fixed it will give you a message stating with the issue fixed. Restart now and find the issue gone for forever.

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