You know Kilobytes, megabytes, terabytes but what after these storage units…

Do you remember the oldy day; when you first saw the computer in the late 90’s when there were only floppy drives to store media that too was only in kilobytes…. the 720 kilobytes floppy drive. Then we came across the larger media the double capacity of the floppy drive 1.44 mbs the storage capacity.

At that time no one even dreams or thinks of the larger capacity until we got the first copy Windows 95…. the era in which we have first introduced with the large capacity harddisk drives up to 0 gbs….i.e. gega bytes…

But now that too the Giga Bytes also seems to be a small capacity media… now can anybody tell up to what extent they can think of …what will the units we may have in coming years…

I have just came across such unites… get read them below…

below are the units we have from the start of the computer era..

1024 byte = 1 kilobyte

1024 kilolbyte = 1 megabyte

1024 megabyte = 1 gigabyte

1024 gigabyte = 1 terabyte

1024 terabyte = 1 petabyte

1024 petabyte = 1 exabyte

1024 exabyte = 1 Zeetabyte

This is what we have the measuring units so far… but now can any one of you think of what a Zeetabyte is all about….

Isn’ t this an interesting fact to know…

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