Beetel 450TC1 Firmware Updates before TM4-0Q-025…

I have Beetel 450TC1 Modem using with a BSNL connection. This was working perfectly till yesterday… until I thought to update it with the latest firmware. I searched over the Google and found the latest firmware for Beetel 450TC1 Firmware at Airtel site at the link here

Beetel my wifi
Now, what happened after the update, the section to provide wi-fi password was disabled. I no way I can enter the password, even the wi-fi of the modem was disabled. Even after several on and off the modem the problem remains there. So, finally I only left with the solution to downgrade the firmware with older version… and I googled for the same. But there I found only few links describing about Beetel 450TC1 model.. though there are many talking about 450TC2 model.

So, if you are also among the same side, bricked your 450TC1 modem with the latest firmware and looking for the older versions below are the download links. In the below links I have added three Beetel 450TC1 Firmware updates TM4-0Q-008, TM4-0Q-011 and TM4-0Q-020. For me TM4-0Q-008 firmware have done the job…

Beetel 450TC1 firmware

Here are the download links:

TM4-0Q-008TM4-0Q-011 and TM4-0Q-020

Though, I have added the firmware, but it is all up to you to use them… for any misconfiguration or bricking I should not be held responsible.


  1. Beetel 450TC1 Modem using with a BSNL connection. This was working perfectly…

    bt i want to change my wifi password so i reset the modem bt nw its not working not intertent nither wifi…
    it show me airtelbrodband issue pls solve my problm step by step

  2. i flashed TM4-0Q-011 but now i am not able to login in

    i tried all user pass combinations like admin/password admin/admin admin/1234

  3. I uploaded the TM4-0Q-011 & now I am unable to login it’s setup page with default passwords. Please tell me what will be the username & password for longing into its firmware?

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