Close (Stand by) Inactive Tabs Automatically in Chrome Browser after a set time

There is no second thought comes when someone asked about his favorite browser; apart from Firefox or Chrome. Though these two browsers offers an user friendly graphic experience; but what I hate the most is the huge amount of memory consumption and this become worst if you also like me, open several tabs at one by one…. but forget to close the ones which no longer needed.

In case if you also came across the same situation; then for Chrome users here is an extension called Tabmemfree which automatically closes the open tabs after a certain time. This is extremely helpful for someone who has a tab still opened even after the completion of work as this would help them in saving the computer resources and memory.

You can download the extension from the link given and then need to install it to your Chrome browser. Once installed visit to Timeout and Check period as per your needs and then this will check the inactivity of the tab after the set time and unload the tab automatically. You know what’s the best feature it has…. it doesn’t close or change the tab title and icon of the opened tab, but only keep them in stand by mode… in case if you need to come back on it the page will reload instantly… thus saving a lot of memory.

TabMemFree saves lot of computer memory as it will automatically unload the tab for you after the specified time of inactivity have passed. Say if you set the Check period as 10 mins and Timeout period as 15 mins, then it will check the tabs every 10 mins and unload those tabs which are inactive for more than 15 mins.

Install TabMemFree

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