Tata Photon Plus Error 678 : Remote computer did not respond – Fix Tata Photon Plus Problems

Tata Photon Plus is one among the most popular wireless devices to remain connected while on the go or in areas where, there is no physical connection. But many times it seems very tough to get access to internet when we need the Internet most…. because of TATA PHOTON modem is not detected or there is no range shown in the connecting software.

Now How to solve problem related to NO TATA PHOTON MODEM FOUND OR NO SIGNAL RANGE

Don’t be depressed with the long heading… you only need to do the simple steps instructed below…

Steps to solve out Tata Photon Plus modem not found error:

So first of all you need to Uninstall the Tata Photon device using the control panel then device manager.

Now change the Device Manager View by type > Universal Serial Bus controllers and uninstall the USB composite device shown.

And the last step remove out the Tata Photon Device from the system and give a restart.

Restart is necessary to remove all the traces left in the registry so that when reinstalling the Tata Photon Modem doesn’t has any conflict.

Insert device and install the driver software again

And I hope you will get your problem resolved….

So you have solve out the No Tata Photon Modem installed  error, what if even after installing the modem successfully you get an error a:

Error 678 : Remote computer did not respond

This problem is related to APN key i.e. Access Provider Network Key and you need to enter this manually. To solve out this

Open Control Panel and then device manager.

Open the Tata Photon Modem Properties via right mouse click and select advanced tab option.

Write AT+CRM=1 in the text box and you are done. Again don’t forget to restart.

That’s all you need write now…. enjoy…

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