Simple Steps to Download AADHAR Card Online

Aadhaar launched by the Government of India, which means “foundation” in many Indian languages, is an unique identity number issued by the UIDAI. The generation of Aadhaar card is made using the biometrics details of any individual using his finger prints, retina identification. With these biometric details in the database it is almost impossible to make any duplicate or fake copy of Aadhaar card of any individual means if a person has been applied for an Aadhaar card then at no other place the same person can be enrolled again. Thus savings from eliminating duplicates and fakes through Aadhaar-based identification, that will further enable governments to expand benefits to other eligible residents.

Now; what if you have enrolled to the Aadhaar scheme but still not able to receive the Aadhaar card copy at your door step. Don’t worry you can still get it through online download facility… and below is the step by step process how you can download it? But keep in mind in this article you will only learn the way to get Aadhaar card online if you have enrolled it before and have the receipt given to you after the enrollment… the slip looks like as shown below:

Aadhar Steps 1


So, let us now we learn the steps on how to use this slips shown above to download Aadhaar card online…

Step 1 : Go to Site will open as shown below.

Aadhar Steps 2

Step 2:Now fill out the form using the details given on the enrollment slip i.e.

  • Enrollment number: Fill the temporary enrollment number as marked 1 in the above screen on first column and in the second column enter the time and date.
  • Full name as given on enrollment slip (marked as 3)
  • Pin Code: Pin code of your residential area from the enrollment slip marked as 4
  • Enter captcha code shown on the website
  • Mobile number you have at the moment… no worry if you have different mobile other than the you have on the enrollment slip. Just put the 10 digits in the input box.
  • Click on the Get one time password.

Now if your Aadhaar been generated you will in a while get an one time password on your mobile. Enter OTP and click and Validate and download.

The Aadhaar card now you have download is in PDF format which you can open in any pdf reader like Adobe reader or Foxit Reader. But before this will open it will ask for a password which will be the pin code entered on the enrollment slip.

No in case if your Aadhaar card has not been generated it will give a message your Aaadhar card number is under generation, or either it will show No information is available for the entered id….dash dash….

Now for under generation there is chance that sooner or later you will get it but for the later case there will be a very narrow chance. Though, for if you have a doubt you can also check it whether it has been generated or not at the link given here.

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