Windows XP Activation Tool: Convert Windows into Genuine Copy

Few days back I was in a cyber cafe (Of course it belongs to one of my friends) and there I found some of his pc’s showing a tag as “This copy of windows is not activated and it will stop working after 30 days

This is a very common message, with Windows XP… so if you also have the same message displayed frequently then today you will learn about a very effective tool to completely disable this message…. You can download this tool from the link here. This is zip file, you should first extract it and then run the windows XP activation tool…. and follow the online screen option.

Once you double click on the Windows XP activation patch this will open the DOS command window…. with a message…

Now just press Enter and everything should be fine after this patch. Windows XP activation is said to be compatible with any version of Windows whether it Home edition or Professional edition. If for any reason still this is not able to disable the Windows XP Genuine warning message then, open your windows in safe mode and apply this patch… as sometimes files seems to be busy in normal preventing overwriting them.

Hope this trick solves the issue for which you are looking for… then why not share it with your friends…



  1. well this works great for me love it so simple to use but have not wait for the 30days to be up yet so i don`t really know if it works for sure yet but i will let you know after the 30days laugh out loud thanks!

  2. Still works… love it! thumbs up… tripple up…
    saved me from reformatting my harddrive and reinstalling all my crap.

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