Trace full address of any BSNL mobile / telephone number…

Now days Mobile Phones are one of the basic necessity for Human Being, without it, there would be no business for a moment and everything which seems to be very easy using Mobile Phones… will take us back to ninety’s….. but even so, that these all has become a part of life, it sometimes creates many problem like hoax calls, or unnecessary or unwanted calls.

So, in case, if you are also among those people getting missed calls from any particular number or any person irritating you for which you don’t who is he? Then there is nothing remain but to complaint about him to police station… but in case if you first want from where these calls were made… then here is a solution… though not fully satisfactory… but sometimes this can also help you if the caller is using BSNL or MTNL mobile number.

So, if you know that the caller is using the BSNL number then here is tip which you can use to track his location or complete address… for this you need to visit to online telephone directory of BSNL mobile number users through the link here.

This will show you the online telephone directory… where you can choose the State wise Telephone Directory of the BSNL mobile users….

Though the above tip is only for BSNL mobile users but what if the caller is not from BSNL, then there is no option left except to call the police as there is a clear policy from the Mobile Operator that they can not disclose the personal information of any mobile user in any case. But in between you can trace any mobile user area from where this call was made… you can read more at the link below:

Trace info of any Mobile number in India and its Telecom Network



  1. plzz inform my this cell loactaion,,,some stole my cell plzzzzz help me(9412344366)
    imei no(353411047263399)

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