Convert WordPress Blog into Mobile/iPhone version… best plugin

Nowadays more and more are preferring to surf their favourites websites or blogs using their mobile devices, as this can be carried and used anywhere regardless of any restrictions. But unfortunately still there are a lot of bogs aren’t still well compatible with Mobile version or the layouts.

But if you have a website using the Word-Press platform then you not need to worry as there is a very effective plugin “Mobilpress” exists which can convert any word-press blog to the compatible mobile versions regardless of the matter whether it is an iPhone or and simple Gprs enabled mobile. MobilePress also allows you to create custom mobile themes for different handheld devices and mobile browsers such as the iPhone, Opera Mini and Windows Mobile.

After the plugin installation it will automatically detects the HTML headers requests if comes from any mobile devices and sends the data to mobile compatible version.You can also set different Title and description for the mobile version if want to do so using the settings from the admin panel of Word-press blog.

Download this plugin

If you want to test the site transformed into Mobile Version of your WordPress Blog can use Mobile Emulator or there is an option in your WordPress Settings which says “Force Mobile Site?”, by enabling this feature you can test the Mobile Version of your blog in a Desktop Internet Browser.

Note: If you are worried if it can effects the normal behaviour of your bogs on regular desktop then don’t worry, this plugin will only transform it if the request call is from any mobile sets, if not then the regular site will displayed.

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