Enable instant thumbnail preview of taskbar application: Upto four times faster preview

If you are the windows seven user then you may have several enhanced features, and one of listed feature is the taskbar thumbnail previews of running application while hovering mouse pointer over them.

Though; having the thumbnail preview of running application during mouse hovering is one of the useful features we have in windows but sometime it takes time to display taskbar application thumbnail…now what?

You only need to….

Registry tweak to speed up taskbar thumbnail preview of running application…

So it is the taskbar showing thumbnail previews of opened windows when we hover the mouse over the program icon.

By windows seven default, it takes a little time for the preview to appear; but you can do it even faster than it does bu just editing the registry value given..

Now to do; Go to Start, enter and run regedit.

Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse.

On the right, open the MouseHoverTime key and reduce its value from the default 400 to around 150.

But never lower it then the given values as reducing it further may cause your system to malfunction…

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