Now Scroll Top to Bottom or Bottom to Top on any blog or website in a single click

If you are using Mozilla Firefox  then here is a reasonably good application you can use. Many time while surfing we face a lack of the feature while scrolling any website to the top or bottom position and to do so we need to scroll it using the scroll bars from the right. Though many blogs and websites these days offering a small link at the bottom or the top position for easy scrolling but that are only a few.

Now how about the adding this menu to the contextual pop up appearing on clicking the right mouse button and clicking over the menu brings us the desired result. This can be achieved using the small plugin called Scroll to TOP/Bottom, Rather than right clicking the scroll bar for the options, just right click anywhere on the page to view the context menu and click the desired option. Jumping to either top or to the bottom of the page is easy with this add-on.

The add-on is must have if you usually browse the long pages.

Download this plugin

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