All Windows Desktop Program Icons become identical: Double click doesn’t open the actual program

Today, I found my PC behaving very strangely as each and every icon on my Desktop seems to have similar icons, which was very confusing to distinguish between them.  Though, for this problem, I have also looked after Yahoo answers and came across this unusual question saying  “I have several programs that have recently shown (when trying to open) the message that this file does not have a program associated with it . What has caused this to start and how do I fix it?”

This makes me curious about the issue and while going through many forums I found it actually a problem and the main reason behind the issue I assume “a recent installation of program like in most of the cases I found it was Ad-Watch or hotspot or similar application which tries to modify the system registry related to link files“.

Now how to cure if this has already happened…. one of the best way is to use system restore to the point before the problem first recited and in most of the cases it works but in case you won’t able to restore your system to a back date stage…. then try the given link fix registry modification file…. download and extract the .reg file and double click to merge this in registry.

Download LINKFIX click here


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