Application to Download Google Books in PDF e-book format

Though few days back in an article I have already mentioned the top five sites to download free E-books, but in case if the desired book is not available there and you have finally found it over the Google Books archive… now what…. even though the Google Books doesn’t facilitate final book; you want to download it in e-book format.

But as you may have found that Google Doesn’t provide a way to download the full book, then it doesn’t mean you cannot save a book from Google Book Collection. Then here is an smart enough application called Google Book Download able to download any book … in parts or entire book in pdf format.

Key Features
– One-click download
– Manual mode for download copy-protected books.
– Automatic mode for download public domain books and pdf document.
– It is a web browser, easy to use.
– Safely download, prevent to lockout by Google.
Download Google Book here

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