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Though I have already written a lot of articles about several proxies, software and tricks on bypassing firewall restriction (You can find many of them in the related article section) but still I found many of my readers asking for blocked Orkut Login solution. Orkut is banned at their school or colleges and so they can’t access their orkut accounts from their schools. So, guys, if you have same orkut login problem, read over this article and access/ unblock orkut at school. Orkutunblock.com has created a fantastic unblocked free working Orkut proxy! This “working” orkut unblocked proxy will enable you to visit orkut login page and thus you can access your orkut account.

Access/Unblock Orkut login Proxy :

1. Go to Orkut login Unblocker Proxy or simply click here .

2. At unblock orkut page, you will get something like this.

3. Simply, put www.orkut.com in box besides “GO” . In Options, you can adjust :
a. Encode Page
b. Allow Cookies
c. Remove Scripts
d. Remove Objects

4. On hitting “GO”, you will get orkut login page. Enter orkut email id and password and login to your orkut profile/account.

5. Sometimes, you may get a warning message about may be redirection. Click on “Continue Anyway” to access unblock orkut login page.

Thats it. Thus, your orkut is unblocked by unblocked Orkut proxy. If you have any suggestions or problems about this working orkut login unblocker proxy article, feel free to share it in comments section.


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