Protecting PC from Viruse / Spywares / Malwares free of Cost

A PC without an antivirus is like a house with a door but without locks. So anyone can steal the valuables and left the house empty. In the same way Computer System can also be infected if it not have  an antivirus installed as dozens of viruses or malwares can infect it and can cause it to malfunction. But the question is an average home user is not supposed to loose its pocket to buy a vary reliable Antivirus product like Norton or Kaspersky or any other with a big name and simply going to other solutions available over the net is also not a good idea as many of them are none of any use so what is the alternative…

If you are really looking for the best one which should also be free then Avast Home Edition will be on the top.  Because the 100 millions registered users for this home editions cannot be wrong. This free edition have every feature as of a paid one like Real time Scanning, Online Virus Protection, Anti Spam and top of all automatic updates. So if you basically use your computer for surfing or sending or receiving online mails then no any other can compete or beat it so why don’t you join the club of Avast Users if you also looking for a free antivirus

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