Use Google Search in your own freehand Handwriting on Smart Phone or Android

Here is a very good news for those; having a Smartphone or an Android Operated Phone. Have you ever get yourself irritated when using Google search, because of the small area you have to type the search term. Though, in most of the situations, we all supposed to manage with the small keypad area, but in case if we are in a hurry , then this is one of the most frustrating task.

Even though being this is a very common question or you may say one of the most talked problem, even not a single phone comes with a feature, providing a solution for this. But; don’t worry, as said “better late than never”; Google has recently announced the launch of its new search feature but only for the smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android platforms. This feature is called as Handwrite and as the name suggests, with this new feature you can search Google by typing in your own handwriting on your phone/device instead of the small keyboard that takes half of your screen area.

According to Google; you can use this application on the most of the Android browser from Android 2.3+ phones, Android 4.0+ tablets, and iOS 5+ phones and tablets. So if you have any device that have the mentioned platforms, then you can surely enjoy this feature. However the feature is not enabled by default and you will have to follow the steps below to get this enabled:\

• Open on your mobile or tablet browser.

• Tap ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the screen and enable Handwrite option. Refresh the page.

• Now you will see a ‘g’ icon in the right bottom area of your screen. Tapping this will allow you to type in your own handwriting. As soon as you start moving your fingers anywhere over the screen, a blue line will start following which will detect your stroke and search it in Google.

If you don’t like this feature, you can get it disabled back and start using your earlier typing method via keyboard. You can read about this feature in detail at the link mentioned below.

Visit Google Handwrite tips

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