Record Skype Calls automatically from specified number

Sites like Skype are the future of the communication system not only because of these are cheaper but also for its wide usage. Many people also discuss many important tasks over skype but now the problem is like the cellphone we are not able to recored the talks going on over skype; as there in no direct facility.

But in case if you are looking for the same; then here is one such utility called Skype Auto Recorder.

How to use Skype Auto Recorder for recording Skype Conversations:

1. You just need to download and install this tool from the link provided at the bottom.

2. Start Skype and allow the tool to access it so that it can automatically start recording the conversation whenever you call or receive the call from the specified contacts.

3. It will then automatically save the call in .mp3 format to the set location in the specified quality.

Configuring the tool is very easy as you just need to right click on the icon in status bar, and set the options like target save location, target audio format, contacts of people whom you wish to record and whom you don’t.


• Free of charge!

• Recording conversations to high-quality MP3 with variable bitrate.

• Unlimited length of records.

• Simple and flexible configuration.

• Possibility to increase sound volume of the record.

• Doesn’t require any actions from user except initial configuration.

• Silent work in tray with auto connect/reconnect to Skype.

• Filters for recording contacts or group of contacts to different files.

• Possibility to record all calls regardless of specified filters.

• Possibility to exclude contacts (“black list”) so their calls will never be recorded.

• Support of patterns in the output file names.

• Optional autostart with Windows.

Download Skype Auto Recorder


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