Windows Taskbar Transformation into MAC style OS X Launchbar

Do you want to add freshness to your old style Taskbar? or have you bored with the startup pattern of Windows as it has same interface since it was first launched Windows 95? So if this is the case and then you should try the interface from the OS x using Windows Taskbar Transformation Pack for absolutely free.

Yes! you can easily transform your Windows default Taskbar into the OS X launchbar with the use of a tool called Aqua Dock. This can easily transform windows taskbar into OS X style nice animated launchbar which will react with the hovering of mouse icon over them. And as I have already said this is free to use and you can download it from the link here (Very small application only 738kb so it won’t take a long time for a download).

So if you have really bored or even want a change from the traditional style task bar then you should give it try and I hope you would enjoy the new interface… just place your experiences in the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe feed-burner’s newsletter subscription from the below box to receive updates or software trick and tricks which is absolutely free.

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