Change Computer Manufacturer OEM information with OEM Configurator

This is quite very often we visit Computer’s Properties using right click mouse button on My Computer icon. But have you ever noticed this window also contains all the details about your PC and other details of its insides like Make, Manufacturer or version etc.. The detail displayed is called OEM information or Original Equipment Manufacturer.

However this information, does not affect a system in any way…. but do you know that you can also change this information in your own way. So whatever be the reason whether it is for fun or just to change all this information with you personal information you can use this free OEM information changer tool called OEM Configurator.

With this tool you will have total control over the Windows OEM information and you can edit system properties (system Properties) of Windows 7 / Vista OEM information displayed without manual intervention in the Windows registry or changed.

You can download OEM Configurator from the link here which is in Zip archive and install it but make sure you .net framework 4 installed (alternatively you can install this from Microsoft Official Website)

Below is the details which can be easily edited by OEM configurator:

• Manufacturer

• Model

• Support hours

• Support website

• Support phone

• OEM logo

While using the Extra Options menu of the tool, you can edit the following options:

• Owner

• Organization

• Computer Name

• Processor Name

• Computer Description

• Product ID


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