Convert Android phone into a remote control for PC – use it as wireless mouse and keyboard

Do you have an Android Phone… then here is one utility I will discuss which I am sure you will thrown into love.

The utility which I am going to discuss is called Unified Remote app (free) for Android phone and Unified Remote Server (free) app for PC. So now you must be wondering what both these utility are meant for. Using both these utilities you can convert your android device into PC remote control or you can use your android device into a wireless mouse and keyboard and that also free of cost.

So to do so you need to download the applications Unified Remote app (free) for Android phone and Unified Remote Server (free) app for PC, from the link given at the end of the article. After downloading these application install them into the Android device and PC respectively. Once installed; you can use the unified remote server just not as the wireless mouse and keyboard but actually it is much more powerful….  it is a set of applications enabling you to remotely control your pc to start menu, play video, shutdown or logoff PC, control task manager and more.

Now to use it Start the server and configure it as you wish (connection type, password protection, etc). Once you are done, run Unified Remote on your phone and from the dashboard select the Server. Tap ‘Add’ option and then choose ‘Automatic’. It will automatically detect your PC.

Once both of the devices connected, tap on the ‘Remote’ option in the dashboard and choose your desired option. You can use basic input for mouse, keyboard etc or you can control WMP, File Manager and vlc etc. too very easily.

Download Unified remote

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