How to Hide Disk Drive Partition letters in Windows 7 or Vista

So you wanted to know how to hide Disk partition letters …. but before I proceed here is an explanation what a drive partition letter is; for those who are still confused… there are two parts of any drive the first one is the single letter like C; which we most of the time have for primary disk partition on which windows is installed and the second is the drive label…. the name which we provide to the disk partition… so now in this article we will talk about how to hide the disk letter or managing its appearance on right or left of the disk label.

Though; applying this change will not affect system performance in any way but sure will give a unique look to the system… hence, to do so, you need to first download an application from the link here and extract to a location of your choice.

Now double click the DriveLetterView.exe file to run the program… which will show you the below screen…

Now choose the desired option, from the option displayed and click on apply. (There is the last option “Never show drive letters” which will hide the drive letters from any disk)

Restart the system and experience the change… didn’t this very interesting… share this with your friends.

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