Remove, Change or Restore the Small Shortcut Arrow Icon in Windows 7 Vista

Do you want to remove the small arrow from the shortcut links from the icons you have on your Desktop. Though doing this will make it harder to distinguish the difference between the shortcut links and actual files… but even so you want to do this… then find the below step by step description…

To remove change or restore small arrow icon you need a small application called Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover program for which links are provided below. Depending on which version of Windows 7 you have 32 bit orĀ  64 bit… download accordingly. This is in .msi file type installer, run it to install over the system. To do so you need to download this application from the link given here ( From Softpedia) and follow the steps given below:

1. So you have the program installed, now run the program from the shortcut icon created… this will show the screen as shown below…

Now choose the desired settings from the option shown on the screen…. the first one is to have the default setting, the second one it to make the shortcut transparent and light, the third one is to have custom arrow while the last fourth icon is to completely remove the shortcut icon.

3. After that there is also a check mark option giving you a choice to remove the word shortcut from the new shortcut created from now on.

4. Now once the setting completed choose apply this will ask for a confirmation to log off and apply the settings choose yes. That’s it…

So; you have learned how you can remove or modify the arrow link from a shortcut icon… now why not share this article to your friends or social community for better reach.


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