How to play Solitare, Minesweeper and Pinball during Windows Installation Process

Though installing Windows to a PC is only half a hour process; but for slower systems it may take around around one hour; which is not less than any boring job. So if you have really caught with in such a situation… then how about playing Windows popular games like Solitaire or Pinball; while Windows setup finishes.

So; have you liked the concept, then here is the step by step process to play Solitaire or Pinball during Windows Setup:

1. So you have the Windows Setup started… now you have to wait until Windows finishes copying the basic files needed for Windows setup till it ask for the Windows product key and the required information.

2. Once the validation process completed you can begin with have some fun while windows Installation, now, press Shift+F10 to open DOS prompt.

3. Now type CD\ to get to the root directory.

4. Type cd windows and press enter.

5. Type cd system32 and press enter this will get you into the Windows system32 directory.

6. Now just type sol.exe for Solitaire, winmine.exe for Minesweeper or Pinball.exe for Pinball. But note here it may take a minute or two while Windows copies out these files to Windows system folder… so have patient it the first attempts fails.

So it is better to enjoy these games instead of staring that ugly windows setup process… isn’t so?

You can use this tip not only on Windows XP setup but also on Vista or Seven setup.


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