Still Working Idea Free 3G/Gprs 5 rs. Plan – Try out before it get blocked

If you are still looking for any way to access free GPRS or 3G hacks via pc or laptops then why not give a try to Idea 5 rs hack. So far I have tested it works in UP East and for other reason I am not sure.

To get this hack to work first you need to activate the rs. 5 Daily reacharge for unlimited use or whatever the plan in your area… and then use the Access Provider Name as imis.

In the mean time make sure you have the balance above Rs. 10 whenever you want to surf the internet. Just do whatever you want to surf the whole day till 11pm and at the end talk to your loved one to reduce your balance below 4.99. (As after 11 pm Idea will automatically reduce your balance by rs. 5 so it is better to use it as a talk time not for the GPRS charge.)

Repeat the whole process next day…

Wow…. isn’t this amazing… tell me all your experience.

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