Tweak up system performance with InControl : A simple but Powerful Startup Manager

If you feel that your PC takes too long to boot up or is running too slow, then you should try InControl. It’s a very clear and simple startup manager. The reason InControl an powerful Startup Manager with a well structured and intuitive interface. Beginners, however, can have a look at the ‘Welcome Wizard’ in order to get accustomed to the program’s features as quickly as possible.

It has the full list with the StartUp Programs tends to have started with Windows automatically; now to enhance the performance you only need to have the selective startupĀ  by adding or removing items to the list. You can also launch and stop applications running in the background. In case if you have done something wrong or just want to revert back to previous stage, , you can use the ‘History Viewer’ for tracking the changes you’ve made before.

This application apart from giving you a full control over all the startup programs, it can heal your PC by cleaning-up non working startup items, fix applications paths or remove broken uninstallers. If you don’t know where they are located, you can access directly some Windows features like ‘Services’, ‘Registry Editor’, ‘Disk Cleanup’, ‘System Information’, and so on.

So if this program looks interesting you can try out the commercial demo as unfortunately this program is not free….

Demo link here

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