Worried of Facebook Account Hackers… Turn on Login Notification via SMS or Email

Search on Google with the keyword  “Facebook Hacking” instantly there will be so many result telling you the ways how a Facebook account can be hacked… though every trick never promise to do the task it is written for… but still there are many which sometimes clicks….

Even of many forums you can also find posts where people asking that there account has been hacked… what to do?

So, now how to prevent a Facebook account from  being hacked?

Though, as, I have said earlier that this is not as an easy task.. but with added security feature you can even make it even more complicated than anyone can think off…

Facebook Login Notifications….

Facebook Login Notifications is an added feature in Facebook which ensures you so that you will be notified when any unauthorized person tries to log in to your account… but before you enable this make sure you have updated your phone number and the email ID failing which this service wouldn’t be of much help.

What Facebook Login Notification does is it remembers the PC which you generally work on… and anytime your account will be accessed from any other PC you will be notified via mail or sms whichever options you have set in your settings option.

To enable prompt to Facebook Login Notifications, navigate to Accounts –> Account Settings –> Account Security to use this feature.

Isn’t this a good initiation from facebook… enjoy….

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