Backup all registry changes caused by application installation

Windows Registry is the most sensitive area; responsible to function a PC properly. Every application you run, install or modify puts its information into the registry… which is several times called back by the application. Now; what if you want to install any application but want to track the registry changes it made or have any application which tries to access and writes the registry without your knowledge which you want to monitor.

Don’t worry! Here is a very small tiny portable application REGfromApp, which can automatically tell you about the changes or if any application is accessing the Windows Registry. So that you can back up the registry before any changes being made…. and after the installation or modification it will also give you the choice the changes made into a separate .reg file that has all the Registry changes made by the application. This reg file can be used to undo the changes when required.

As I have already told this is a portable application; thus not requiring any installation, you just need to double-click it for it to start monitoring. It will, then ask o select the application to monitor. After clicking Ok, each time that the selected process writes a value into the Registry, the main window of RegFromApp will display the written value in Windows .reg file format.

Download application click here


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