Carry customized Portable Version of Firefox 5 browser in pen flash drives

As we all know that there has been the latest version of Mozilla Firefox has been already released; however many of us already using it…. but here in this article I will not tell you about what this new version has but give a suggestion for those who highly customize Mozilla Firefox according to their taste.

So you only like to browse the Internet via Mozilla Firefox, even so; with only your customize settings then the portable version of Mozilla Firefox will be the best solution for you…

Download Portable Firefox and carry it where-ever you want from the pen drive.

To use this portable version you only need to download the setup files from the link given here and install it whatever the location you want. Now upon installation as it doesn’t create any registry entries so you can carry it where-ever you want via your removable , flash or pen drives… this way all your Firefox Customization and plugins… will be ready to serve you anywhere you want.

Though this version is not an official release but a tweaked version,  have the same features as the full version.

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