How to Check an USB Flash/Pen Drives for Damaged or disk Corruption

These days Pen Drives or Memory Drives is the easiest medium to transfer files from one PC to another… and so of-course the most use. These disk comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 1GB to several GBS…. Now the issue is; what if you have a very urgent job to carry with you and you don’t know, whether the disk… you have copied stuffs is fine or not. Sometimes faulty disk can cause a havoc… after you find that the data you have copied is not accessible.

So if you have ever caught in the situation stated above then H2testw tool can be very useful; if you have to travel long… along with data stored in pen/flash drives. This tool is free and can be utilized to test the faults in your USB. Since we use these drives for storage of data and may be because of these fake drives there are chances for losing data, so it would be better to examine your drive before storing or transferring any data.

You can download this from the link given here and you know, this tool is free to use so you not need to invest any more for the bunch of softwares. (Though this tool is originally built in German but you can convert the interface from German to English from the option box)

So, why not just give this a tool a try, to check whether all the disk you have are working fine or there is an issue with anyone of these… so that you never caught in a horrible situation in the middle of a business meeting or something else.

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