Save / Load opened tab in any browser or any pc in a single click!

If internet surfing is your primary goal while you use a pc most of the time…. and you use too many tabs to open your favorite sites; then what if you were working on a PC with several tabs open and for a reason have to shift on any other pc… Isn’t this very frustrating to reopen all those tabs on a new computer.

Is this scenario you face very often… then here is a very good solution you would love to know… using Surfon –  an online service which enables you to save or open all you tabs on any pc or any browser; without being worried of which one you are using from Firefox, Safari or chrome.

What you need?

You only need to visit the link here and need to create an account which will then give you a link to download the Surfon plugin for the respective browser you are using which will then enable you to save a single or multiple tabs or load them on any other PC or on a browser using the small icon as shown in the picture below.

Clicking the saved tab option will display all the saved tabs. Once you are logged in from another computer, just download the surfon plug-in and you are ready to get your tabs.

Now you can see all the saved tabs. Clicking on each item will load that tab alone. To load all the tabs click the Surfon icon and select the third option i.e load tabs. For convenience Surfon also allow you to load tabs in new window.


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