You have low disk space in drive…. do wants to disable it?

Have you ever seen this pop up balloon message saying “You have low disk space in drive C… or whatever the drive almost full“. Though this message in neither disturbing nor a  non-useful but even there are many people around us; looking for a way to disable it;  for what ever the reason? So here is one….

Open the run menu through Start then click on run (you can also open via using keyboard shortcut Windows key +r) and then type regedit. (Regedit is the shortcut for application extension for Registry editor)

So now you have Registry editor Window opened; now locate the below key into the registry:


  • Right click in the right part of the window and select New and scroll to DWORD value.
  • Name the value as NoLowDiskSpaceChecks
  • Put 1 in the data field.
  • From there it should be OK.

From Now on no pop up of low disk space can annoy you and if once again you would like to have this utility on Just change the NoLowDiskSpaceChecks DWORD value to 0.

This is all you have to do; from the key change there will be no more Low disk space warning…. hope this is what you are looking for…. then why not share it with your friends…


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