Pre-release leaked Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection Suite for Download from Torrent site

It seems that it has become a trend to have the major software or movies hitting the torrent sites or major file sharing sites as today I came across a torrent site ( though I will not name it here .. you can search it yourself on major torrent servers…. caution notice at the end) that much awaited version of Adobe Master Collection ver. 5.5 has hit the torrent sites for free downloads.

Though it is indigestible that every effort that the Software company do is like just a child’s play to several crackers as this version also cracked by the same famous WZOR who has not only provided the activation key gen but also the full step by step instruction on how to disable and bypass the adobe activation protection.

The leaked build of “Adobe CS 5.5 Master Suite” contains the final versions of  Photoshop CS5 Extended, Acrobat X Pro, Flash Professional CS5.5, Illustrator CS5, InDesign CS5.5, Dreamweaver CS5.5, Flash Catalyst CS5.5, Flash Builder 4.5 Premium Edition, Fireworks CS5, Contribute CS5, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, After Effects CS5.5, Adobe Audition CS5.5, Adobe OnLocation CS5, Encore CS5, Bridge CS5, Device Central CS5.5, Media Encoder CS5.5, and integrated CS Live online services.

Disclaimer: We at tricksnkacking in  no way supports the downloading or using any pirated version but the article mentioned is only to let all us  know how the crackers and hackers are step ahead from software companies. Now its all up to us whether we should encourage or discourage such people by not letting them to spread counterfeiting.



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