Protect WordPress from Being Hacked – Change Admin username to preferred one

If you are using the WordPress Plate-from for all your blogging needs; then have you ever thought that by default WordPress uses the word “admin” as the username and there is not an option or link to change it with our desired name.

Isn’t sometimes it may be very risky… as a hacker can easily perform a brute force attack on the account to retrieve the WordPress admin login password.

So it wouldn’t be better to change the username; in this article below I will show you the only possible way to change the admin username… and so to increase the security to your wordpress blog.

  1. Using your hosts MySQL administration tool (I.E. phpmyadmin), locate and select your WordPress database
  2. From your WordPress database, locate and select the wp_users table (Note: the wp prefix may differ) and then click the browse icon
  3. Locate admin and click the edit icon
  4. Under the user_login column, change admin to your preferred WordPress administrative login name and then click go.

That’s it; enjoy blogging

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