Safe Free and Reliable Keylogger to monitor your kids activity

If you are very much conscious about the activities of your kid while he/she is online or on what type of sites he/she frequently visit… then the key loggers can be a perfect solution.  But still a lot of us are not well aware what a keylogger  is and by far is there any free version available. Keyloggers are the small application used to record the keyboard activity and silently saving them to a file in a location provided… and Yes apart from the paid software there are some free version also available..

Below there is mentioned two most popular free keyloggers which can do the purpose if you want to monitor which sites including the passwords and user name your child using to access them…

The first one is Revealer Keylogger which is said to be the easiest and faster way to record keyboard inputs. There is almost nothing to configure, in fact everything is configured internally with the best settings. (Its paid version is also available if you like it and want to purchase the full version)

And the second one Actual Keylogger whose interface is password protected and the files it stored are encrypted so that access is restricted to other users and these files can also be views as html or plain text…

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